Title: Informe Colombia – FMI, Author: Carlos Salazar, Length: 73 pages, Published: A data ROSC took place in and a fiscal ROSC in Su principal objetivo es hacer un diagnóstico sobre la situación local acerca del “ cumplimiento” de los estándares internacionales en materia. INFORME ROSC LINA ARDILA DARSI GUEVAR ¿QUE ES EL INFORME ROSC? 1. MARCO LEGAL: Requisitos jurídicos y legales del país.

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The authorities are also taking advantage of abundant foreign inflows, primarily foreign direct investment, to strengthen their international reserve buffer.


Inflrme External Stability Inflrme a result, the public sector debt would fall to 29 percent of GDP byfrom 35 percent at end Finally, the government has put in place an ambitious infrastructure project four generation through APPs that is expected to boost competitiveness and growth. Some 17 percent of informal workers reported having tertiary education. Medium-term challenges The Colombian authorities concur with staff on the important challenges ahead, and want to underscore the progress achieved in deepening inclusive growth and addressing infrastructure gaps.

However, the low coverage of the pension system remains a source of potential future fiscal pressure.

Nonetheless, they saw room to enhance supervision of complex conglomerates and their exposure to concentration risk.

There is scope to increase non-oil revenues, which are low by international standards, by broadening the tax base and reducing informality.

Geopolitical risks financial flows, commodity prices, and supply chains: This report assesses the corporate governance policy framework, enforcement and compliance practices in Colombia. Staff has also supported plans to increase coverage and fairness in the pension system as well as efforts to contain health care costs, two areas in which the authorities are currently working. Fiscal performance was in line with the fiscal rule. Continued high growth of credit and house prices Medium Low Adopt prudential measures tailored to the risk profile of financial institutions.


Documentos e informes

The Fund infofme the tax reform approved by Congress in latewhich replaced payroll infotme with a corporate income tax, and appears to be having a positive effect in fostering formal employment. In inflation held in the lower bound of the target range; fiscal targets were met; the current account deficit remained relatively low and 1 Colombian exports to China accounted for roughly 9 percent of total exports in and 24 percent of total Colombian exports were sold in to countries with significant trade links with China excluding the US.

Four of these grants are managed by IFC.

In these two scenarios, the higher cost of capital resulting from the increase in risk premium reduces investment and the capital stock, lowering potential output. The challenge is to create an infirme where medium-sized companies can raise capital in the market and help them make the transition from tightly-controlled family firms to public companies. While pension funds represent a large and rapidly growing source of funds, they are reluctant tosc invest in equities.


The mission encouraged the authorities to explore options for further reducing non-wage costs and contain colomba pace of growth of the minimum wage to fight informality.

Medium Low Use the exchange rate and international reserves as shock absorber. The external position continues to be strong and, according to the authorities, there is no evidence of a statistically significant exchange rate misalignment.

The WBG has been carrying out activities for which the Government or the private sector have expressed explicit need through financial, knowledge, and convening services. The current account deficit is projected to remain at about 3 percent of GDP in the medium term, with the deficit in the income balance resulting from profit remittances and external interest payments continuing to exceed the trade surplus.

  FEM 9831 PDF

Shocks in the region could affect Colombia through trade and financial channels. InColombia ranked out of countries according to the Global Competitiveness report on the quality of transport infrastructure.

Most reserve ratio metrics suggest that Colombia has an adequate reserve buffer for normal times, though reserves might be insufficient to cope with tail risks.

On March 9,Colombia held congressional elections, in which the ruling coalition maintained a working majority in Congress, although the opposition increased its representation. International reserves appear adequate for precautionary purposes. In a recent survey, 30 percent of employers in Colombia reported having difficulty filling vacancies. Education attainment of informal workers is varied, with only a small share of them, below 3 percent, with less than primary education, 29 percent with primary schooling, 23 percent reporting having a secondary school diploma and 29 percent with a high school degree.

Financial sector The financial sector continues to be sound, with healthy corporate and households balance sheets, strong credit quality and profitability. Staff welcomed the introduction of an improved quality of capital measure.

As of Marchheadline inflation rose to 2. Haver; Fund staff calculations. The decline in TES prices triggered redemptions in money market funds, which must mark to market their holdings of TES, during June-August, raising concerns about liquidity risks for these entities.