Cambro Home page. Cambro Manufacturing supports foodservice operators worldwide with products designed to make operations safer, more efficient and. StoreSafe® identifies Cambro products that help foodservice operators meet food safety guidelines. StoreSafe is the people, products and processes that all. Insulated Transport > Electric Food Transport Carts > Pro Cart Ultra® – Electric, Tall. The Pro Cart Ultra® is the ultimate food transport cart that can hold all your hot and cold menu items in the same cart, at the same time! Adjustable S/S Universal rails hold GN food pans.

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UC and UC covered by U. It has all of the features that you love and trust in our classic MPC plus so much more! A must-have for any foodservice cxtalogo, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is designed to store, stage and transport hot or cold food on sheet pans or trays.

Each Single Rack holds 8 10 cans or 12 5 cans, or go high-volume can storage with the Full-Size Stationary Can Rack that holds up to 96 10 cans! Just take them and go!

Catalogo |

When William and Argyle Campbell first opened the doors at Cambro Manufacturing in their goal was to make a hospital meal tray of the highest quality possible.

Open the catalog to page The Tablotherm is a single-serve meal delivery system that is designed to hold a combination of hot and cold foods in one unit. GN food pans, sheet pans or pizza boxes all fit in this versatile, easy-to-maneuver cart.

Elements Series Undercounter Units New Undercounter Units create usable storage space under most standard counters and tables, keeping items within easy reach of cashiers and front counter staff. Open the catalog to page 5.


The double rail system securely holds items in place, to prevent spills and breakage in your storage areas. The ergonomic Dual Access Catallgo Delivery Cart has two doors on the opposite sides, eliminating the reaching for trays in the back of the cart. Just grab it off the counter and go! See optional accessories with Camtainers.

Choose from 3 sizes, 2 rail spacing options and 2 caster types to create your perfect sheet pan rack. H-Pan Food Pan with single and double handle is designed with convenience, safety and efficiency in mind. Connect with us on these social channels: This revolutionary new line of sheet pan racks combines functional design with extreme durability, stable maneuvering, low maintenance and unmatched performance.

Handwash Acessory Stocking Colors: The low-profile insulated holding unit that changes with your menu, Pro Cart Ultra Low safely holds and transports bulk quantities of hot or cold foods. Vent Cap patent pending. Tablotherm Meal Delivery System The Tablotherm is a single-serve meal delivery system that vatalogo designed to hold a combination of hot and cold foods in one unit.

Flip Through the Catalog. Ideal for storing condiment packets, napkins, utensils and other to-go or delivery items needing quick and easy access. Create exactly the can storage space you need with the Ultimate 10 Can Rack.

Vent Cap Equalizes pressure.

See Camtainer section for more information on Camtainers. Easy to assemble and adjust, Basics Plus is resistant to scratching, peeling and warping, plus it features a lifetime warranty against corrosion. The standard for many caterers, choose from four sizes cata,ogo beverage service and one model without a spigot Keep shelf contents secure with Shelf Rails. Open the catalog to page 8. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.


acmbro Related Searches Stainless steel prep table Processing table Industrial display rack Refrigerated prep table Design contemporary shelf Commercial shelf Food display rack Commercial trolley Refrigerated buffet Serving tray Shelf on casters Prep table with storage compartment Central refrigerated buffet Hotel room serving tray Steel shelf Wheel refrigerated buffet Commercial serving tray Ice cart Stainless steel trolley Restaurant refrigerated buffet. Makes the opening of the container much easier.

Newsroom Find A Rep. Its non-skid surface and colorful selection make it a wonderful way to serve drinks. Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack A must-have for any foodservice operation, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is designed to store, stage and transport hot or cold food on sheet pans or trays.

Deliver faster than ever with this perfectly-sized top loading transporter with carrying strap.

Cambro’s 2018-19 Catalog

See Organizer section for more information on Organizer Bins. Healthcare foodservice can extend menu offerings to variety of cold salads, pastas and sandwiches while delivering at optimal temperature for a pleasant patient and resident dining experience. Handwash Accessory is covered by the following Open the catalog to page 4. The Harbor Collection The Harbor Collection offers a stylish tray top presentation and supports temperature maintenance, giving a patients and residents one more reason to look forward to meal time.

Open the catalog to page 3. A contemporary line, featuring two wide nylon latches per unit that are easy to open and close. This oven, microwave and freezer-safe collection helps maintain the ideal temperatures up until delivery.