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Dionysos with satyrs arid maenads. It is a make-believe world, and if the Athenian tradition had not been to put figures on pots the Affecter might have proved an outstanding and original exponent of Archaic art nouveau.

Black vases We might have expected that the figure decorated vases which have been discussed in this book fgure only a minority among the clay vases used In sixth-century Athenians.

Athenian Black Figure Vases

We shall look first at shapes and decoration, then at artists of the main series, finally derived types. Odysseus and the Sirens Oinochoe oj the Keyside doss. He is named for the prickly pears on his palmette tendrils []. In the second hall ol the century an Athenian, Teisias, signs as potter two skyphoi and a kanth. But the underfoot treatment appeared on some Sianas which have quite broad resting areas, while the C Painter made at least one with a high, purely Little Master foot.

Most of his vases carry animal friezes of degenerate type, and in his florals too we detect still the idiom of the Gorgon Fainter, much debased. From the beginning scholarly and dilettante interest in the vases was directed to the mythological content of the figure scenes upon them. His figure style, however, looks to the Siana cup series and, in the new manner, he decorates the interiors of his cups, sometimes leaving the outside plain.

His treatment of them is confident, not yet mannered.


Athenian black figure vases – John Boardman – Google Books

He was probably working still in the mid fifth century. Athens rated it really liked it Nov 23, All the other friezes arc devoted to myth. Athena and Herakle s in a chan Oinochoe of the Keyside Class.

In the chapters of the lust part of this book this relative chronology has been accepted and, where opportune, been demonstrated. On one example our artist lets satyrs join the Gorgon chase after a Perseus who. The dated vases are only of years in W liich the Greater Panathenaia were not held and it was the duty of officials in these years to lay up the stock for the year of the games and to commission the production of the vases, which dated the harvest in the same way that vintages were tahenian by archon stamps impressed on the handles of wine amphorae Inn not in Athens.

Cups of this class are sometimes called ST cups. They too preferred the smaller lekythoi, often rather old fashioned in shape and keeping the old bud frieze on the shoulders, but admitting white ground. Herakles’ chariot 1 65 Neck amphora by the Andokides Painter.

This is true even of the Siana ups decorated by pot painters like Lydos next chapterwhose other work seems not to have been marketed in the same way. The two fields are linked by the trees spreading up from ih. It is most boarvman in the second quarter of the century [65] and then loses favour, but is never forgotten.

BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure Vases.pdf [ 1997] Αντιγραφή

That they should praise the dandies of the day with kalos names see p. Who were these men, painters and potters?

The possibility of error remains. This is revealed by refinement of lip and foot profiles, and attention to, for instance, the modelling of less important areas like the underfoot – features which can serve as criteria for the identification of potter work as effectively as details ol drawing can the painting. Ahtaion torn by his dogs. It is a volute crater — a new shape in clay and proudly signed twice by the potter Ergotimos, just as it was signed twice by its painter Kleitias.


He can match Kleitias eye for detail and 1 limit, and excel him in skilful composition of overlapping, jostling figures. He puts some fine large heads on Ins jugs [I and lekythoi, and his devotion to scenes with Athena gives him Ins name.

The Greeks in Ionia and the East. This seems to have been. Inside there is often a figure tondo edged with tongues which have white dots between their tips 1 ].

The daughters qfPelias boil a ram. Yet even here we are probably to take the coursing haie beneath the horses as an indication of swiftness, and the eagle carrying a n il. Most fifth-century examples of this shape, painted in the old technique, are small vases.

Full text of “BOARDMAN JOHN Athenian Black Figure [ ] Αντιγραφή”

Although some features of his style seem almost foreign to the main stream of black figure in Athens, his apprenticeship was Athenian, in the shops of the Siana cup painters, and especially of the Heidelberg Painter []. Much of the work on painter attribution can then be seen to have served to stabilise a reliable relative chronology for the vases.

The squat splaying feet of cups made in a Chalcidian colony in Italy are copied seep. The latter I n ked something in the elegance of the figures on his skyphoi, but show the same firm hand with stocky bodies, round heads. The Affecter has some amphorae with rolled lips and simple feet 1 ], a type continued in red figure Type C.